Behind every recipe for success are people with enthusiasm and the right instinct. 
This is also the case behind CarlO® leather goods.


are the engine behind CarlO® leather goods. 
With a passion for leather as a material and a knowledge of the wishes of their customers, 
they are the creative minds behind the well thought-out designs.


The dispatch manager is the driving force behind ensuring that everything always arrives at you on time. 
As a talent for organization, she also ensures that everything always runs like clockwork.

The friendly voice on the phone who takes care of your orders and is at your side, if you have any questions. In addition to customer service, she also manages in-house accounting.
Phone: +43 1 271 5555


As sales manager, he organizes the numerous trade fairs, looks after customers throughout Austria
and advises them on the presentation of CarlO® leather goods.  
Phone: +43 1 271 5555 88 

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